Dhoom 3 – From class to mass!

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All the SRK/Salman fans out there…From now on, If any of those Aamir Khan fans flaunt words like, ‘Perfectionist’, ‘Class’, ‘Intellectual cinema’ to demean the work of your favorite stars, after watching Dhoom 3, you’d know exactly how to retort!

So, they said Dhoom 3 will be an Aamir Khan film. True that. It was an Aamir Khan film….and everybody else including Abhishek Bachan had cameo roles.

Aamir has all the cool gadgets? Check. Aamir has songs with the heroine? Check. Aamir has non-one liner dialogues? Check.

After watching the movie, I actually started feeling bad for Jai & Ali. They are like those departments, I.T industries mercilessly destroy during cost-cutting. And here’s why.

For Introduction/Entry of characters:

Aamir Khan: Gets international tap-dancers & the title song; Katrina Kaif: Gets the saving grace song of the first half of the movie; Abhishek Bachan: Gets an auto; Uday Chopra: Never mind.

The introductions give a sneak-peak into how the characters will later progress and just like in Tom & Jerry…. Jai Dixit’s character was left for Jerry (Sahir) to have fun with.

As the movie progresses, there is indeed a lot of Dhoom……. that is inspired by Dabangg & copied from Rohit-Shetty. And if you walk into a theatre, which has a group of Tollywood fans, then you’ll also get to hear them scream…. ‘Baaaaaaaalakrishnaaaaaaaaaaa!!’

The second-half of the movie stunts, defy the laws of physics so bad that even Rohit Shetty would’ve exclaimed… ‘Nai yaar….thoda too much hogaya!’ The songs are really good. Lyrics, music, costumes, choreography…you feel like dancing along when the entire circus goes….’Dum Malang Malang Dum Dum Malang Malang!’ where fyi, Aaliya(Katrina) looks amazing.

But unfortunately, like every Dhoom-girl, in the movie, Aaliya was only considered for a clean strip-tease song (Kamli) & a gymnastic song (Which she does to perfection!)

Throughout the movie, Sahir (Amir) satiates his desire to sabotage Jai’s (Abhishek) image internationally & towards the end, Jai figures that the only way to restore his lost glory and prove his mettle is to defeat Sahir…by …… drum rolls please…..using Aaliya!

If not for the little boy, who plays Sahir’s past in the first half, you feel like leaving the theatre. But just before the interval the mystery begins to unfold and you get your first ‘WTF’ moment of the movie. But if your lousy friends have already spoiled it for you through their fb status messages then don’t even bother.

Having said all of this, I liked the movie. Because, no matter how it started, how poorly the characters were built, for me, it’s about how it makes you feel in the end. The ‘Kahan ja raha hai?’ towards the end makes you sad and happy at the same time. And If you are hoping that Aamir Khan will walk away with the girl in the end..Nada…Not gonna happen……And why? The answer will be your favorite part of the movie!

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