Here’s my Why!

As Simon Senek mentioned, you have to start with why! And why is not to make money. It’s what gives meaning to your existence.

With all due respect to Simon, when I tried explaining the same to my family over dinner, my mom, my uncle & my aunt, together gave me the same expression when today the news reporter read..…’Uday Chopra is voluntarily choosing to give up acting!’

In a way, I envy my parents/grandparents. Loyalty for them was more important than passion…so they never kept asking themselves ’This job sucks…what do I do next?!’ and that explains their normal BP, low heart-attack rate and high hair-density.

And today it’s all about trying to find our passions. And true callings. And succeeding in life. As if handling one’s manager, responsibilities & relationships wasn’t enough!

It’s even more depressing when you come across a book that shatters everything you thought you knew about success.

Malcom Gladwell in his book, ‘Outliers’ says success is OPPORTUNITY combined with hard-work.

‘Following your dreams’, doesn’t really sound that swell now eh?

And he goes onto explaining how the famous hockey players, the Gates & the Jobs of the world succeeded because they had an unfair advantage from the very beginning and they amplified that advantage through their hardwork.

The theory is a bit depressing for someone who flaunts, ‘Neither driven by luck or talent’ in her introductions. So, if I wasn’t born in a particular year, in a particular era or in the month of January, then I have absolutely no chance of being filthy rich, owning a limo and having a self-satisfied life? Not cool dude. Not cool.

Life was great as a kid. Schools and colleges were easy…because everything was simplified. Nothing was abstract. 10 chapters. A grade. You scored!

But in the real world, when you go to your mentors/inspirational speakers/motivational coaches for marg-darshan…the first thing they tell you is….….’Do what you love!’ (Applause, Ladies & Gentlemen! Million-dollar advice!)

Do what you love??? Really??? Really?? Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllly???!

Passion, strategy, true calling….are phrases too heavy for me to understand. So, let’s simplify life, shall we?

I’ve noticed a pattern among the people I meet, I know, I admire. The ‘real’ folks, who have jobs to keep, deadlines to meet and partners to impress. And they just follow one thing. Consistency. Doing one thing at a time.

You don’t have to be an author, a journalist, a speaker, an entrepreneur, an evangelist, a content-curator, a traveler, a movie critic, an NGO worker and an active facebook user ALL at the same time!! You’ll just end up being the last one. So, take up that one thing, that you feel like doing right now and consistently complete it.

I don’t know when I’ll figure out my why …. but until then, I’ll consistently keep the blog posts coming.

Let’s keep life simple. 🙂


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