The last day, that was on fire!


I was pretty excited that it was the last day of the year. So, while doing anything, I thought, ‘Hey! I’m going to do this for the last time this year!’ and suddenly the things that I didn’t like doing, felt sluggish about, was afraid of, seemed not so bad! It felt like graduation glasses they talk about in HIMYM.

Like hitting the gym, randomly bunking a meeting at work, calling up an old friend I hadn’t spoken to all year, finishing a book that was due for a very long time and enjoying chai with a team mate. And because I did all of it thinking, I will not be able to do it again this year……I actually enjoyed doing them.

Nobody ran faster than me on that treadmill!! I learnt that as long as there is a friend to be silly with….meetings can take a back-seat. I figured friends no matter how old, still have stuff to gossip about, that there is bliss in ignoring the world for the characters your author has  spun around you and that the sweetness of being in the moment makes up for a sugar-less chai.

Who knew that the last day of 2013 could be one of the best days I would’ve ever had!

And that’s how I am going to live this year. Live every day as if I won’t get to live it again.

It’s like using a treadmill. You start by warming up, you end by cooling down. In the middle, you can either chose to drag along….or be on fire.

I never understood what’s the big deal about new years. It’s afterall, just a date. But I understood that it gives you hope. For a new start. For a new beginning. Leaving behind everything that has hurt you and looking forward to everything that will make you happy.

So, here is a happy me…wishing (that reading this would’ve made you) a happy you….a Happy New year!

 May you cherish the good, enjoy fixing the bad and learn to ignore the ugly. Wakaaaaooo!

On fire!

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