Paisa Vasool – Jai Ho!


Getting a Salman Khan, first day platinum tickets, just 3 hrs before the movie, is nature’s way of rewarding you for staying loyal and standing up for your Superstar infront of friends and foes alike.

So, this was the first time I saw a Salman Khan movie at a non-multiplex theater & I regretted not doing it any earlier & here’s why:

a)  The whistles, the shouting & the hooting made the movie appear like a 150-min long celebration, as compared to the sophisticated silence of a multiplex that amplifies and turns every muffled chuckle into an embarrassment.

b)  It is absolutely okay to scream, ‘Salmaaaan Khaan!’ or ‘Jaiiiiiiiiii hoooooooooooo!’ or ‘Fariiiiiiiiidaaaa  Jallllaaaaaaaaall’ or anything for that matter & let out your insanity infront of the world, in a moment, when even they are busy contributing their share to the deafening noise.

c)  Just when you think you are the biggest Salman Khan fan, a guy dressed just like Salman in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ walks right pass by you, throwing back his checked muffler with an air of defiance looking forward to the next style statement to pick up from his Idol’s latest release.

Okay, so true….Aam admi doesn’t really have bulky biceps, Aam admi doesn’t make hoards of bad-asses run for their life with a roar & Aam admi doesn’t really go around hitting bad guys on the road  …. But dude…’Bhavnao ko samjho!’

One man can make a difference, was the message. And after watching the first half of the movie, it’ll be hard not to repeat…’Aap thanks mat bolo, balki teen aur logon ki madad karo!’ every time someone tries to thank you for a self-less deed. The movie moves on to restore your faith in humanity when a character hands over his pension to an autorickshaw driver & says… ‘Aaj madad karke dekha, acha laga!’ & that’s one of those many times when the entire crowd starts applauding as a promise to execute the same plan.

And yes, there are some characters who make you go … ‘WTF are you doing in the movie?’ (Cough…Sana Khan… Cough…Sunil Shetty…Cough….almost-naked-Shakti-Kapoor-look-alike), but there are also some characters who have managed to make their presence felt. Tabu, was flawless as an elder sister. It felt as if she was the master mind controlling Jai around, while her son (Chota chuwa) was busy controlling Jai’s female counterpart, Pinki’s screen presence.

There were absolutely no junior artists in the movie. There were well-known-TV-Cinema faces making special appearances. Sana Khan, Santosh Shukla & Heaven (The BB7 dog….I guess)… in through the Big Boss quota.

And what’s entertainment without exaggeration? So what if Salman Khan can fight with an army of goons, so what if they get an army tank down on the roads, so what if in the climax….OMG!! The Climax!!

That was when the entire crowd was waiting for the shirt to magically disappear…..& when it did…..the girls in the house went crazy, the guys went crazy, the security guy near the Exit door who would’ve been watching it for the 4th time, went crazy and then for one complete minute, hell was unleashed.

I cannot rate the movie, because Salman Khan is way above & beyond ’5-stars’ or anything his critics have to say about him. A lot of whom, would say…’Another remake…..another mass movie….senseless action comedy’. To all of you….It’s sad that while a plethora of his fans will rejoice after watching this movie…..all that you got out of it ….is baba ji ka thullu. (With the hand gesture)

Let’s just say before I entered the theater, I had too much on my mind. But during the movie, I didn’t mind… trading some of it…..for a few good laughs & pure bliss. 🙂

Jai Ho!!

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