Anti-Depressants w/o Side-effects!


This weekend, it was a close call between, ‘Hasee to Phasee’ & ‘Gunday’, but accompanying us was friend who met her behave-alike in ‘Meeta’ …. so ‘Hasee to Phasee’ it was. The movie was an alright one time watch. It was funny to see Parineeti popping anti-depressants(AD), flap her eye lids and have her tongue out, to portray her alter-ego or Version 2.0, as they call it, for most part of the movie.

And that’s the sort-a deal with most of us. We all have our coping mechanisms, anything that gets us instantaneously high, saves us from the sudden outburst of emotions, anything or everything that can just distract us enough, to get us through the pain. Our anti-depressants.

Just a pill and you get over your relationship issues, work issues, loan problems, partiality issues, loneliness, parents trouble, separations, split-ups, moving ons, break ups, sarsarahat, dabdabahat, gudgudahat & thartharahat!

But there are also a couple of duty-free, tax-free, side-effect-free AD that offer us the same relief, for a cheaper price! So, whenever I can’t find any reason for my existence, feel a dagger plunged in my heart and wish the world would’ve just ended in 2013, there is ‘stuff’ that helps me get over these horrible feelings.

Number 4 – The Pillar


I am a Taurean, quite materialistic. I find pleasure in acquiring rare & insanely valuable stuff. Like Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem or Smeagol’s ‘My-precious’. But for now all I have is a beautiful house that I absolutely adore. And right in the middle of the hall, is a pillar. Infront, of the pillar is a huge mirror. So, when I don’t have anything to be happy about, I hug the pillar and see our reflection to see how awesome we look together. And it feels good that come what may, the pillar will be there, waiting for me.

I know it’s borderline crazy…but the point is, have a thing that you can hold on to, a tree you share your secrets with, a rocking chair you like sleeping in, a pillow to keep next to, a blanket that protects you. There must be something you’ve left a part of your soul in. So, when you are sad, have it near you & watch it give you strength.

Number 3 – Baby Doll Main Sone Di!


I can see the raised eyebrow! Problem, is there?

Before you get your judgmental juices flowing…. The point is, there are some songs that make me happy. And disturbingly most of them are Bollywood item numbers. Nothing cheers me up more than, ‘Fevi fevicol se…Fevicol se!’ or ‘Moocho ko thoda round ghumake!’ May be it’s the beat, or the dancing or the sadistic smirk that says…’What the fuck are they doing!?’
Keep the Breakeven’s away, the Aashiqui 2’s away & Westlife’s away. Play that one song that makes it very hard for you to hold yourself back and lose yourself to the music, the moment…( i go!)

Number 2 – Karan Johar’s cheesiness!


Because as he has rightly put… ‘It’s all about loving your parents’ & friends…. & uncles… & cousins.
I know you’d want to lock yourself up in a room during crisis, but trust me & do the complete opposite. Go sit next to the cousin who irritates you. Mine always cheers me up with a… ‘Didi, you won’t talk to me?! That’s how you treat your biggest fan!’ (In a hyderabadi accent, that would crack any tough nut!)
Or go hug your mom who is still complaining about you turning up late a month back! It’ll be a nice change & who knows, she might consider getting your name off her hit-list! 😛

Number 1 – You


Antibodies kick Anti-depressants ass any day. We give our immune system way less credit than it deserves. So, the solution to any depression (cheesy line alert!)… lies within!

Realize that the problem you are facing currently is no match to what you’ve faced earlier. And if it is, treat it as an opportunity to get stronger. Because, believe it or not….. The power, lies within!

So, anti-Depressants anyone?!

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