10 things Queen taught me…


10) You can find a Desi wherever you go; Or atleast a Half-Desi, thanks to all the Goa boom booms! (Yup, VijayaLaxmi……Vijay nahi toh kya huwa….tum toh ho!)

9) There is nothing that Amsterdam’s sex shop will have that you won’t find in Lajpatnagar, Dilli. (Just saying!)

8) At some point, a guy’s, ‘I’m sorry…. I love you…..You know I love you…I’m so sorry!’ will no longer be enough to melt a girl’s heart. (Who btw, is the lamest character of the movie!)

7) It’s okay to kiss a cute Italian Restaurant Owner at Amsterdam. It stays in Amsterdam. (Notice the cute. No compromises there.)


6) The best part about being friends with Japanese, French & Russian guys is that you can talk to them all day in Hindi…..Even if they don’t understand, sometimes they’ll empathize more than your Indian friends. (And that includes non-veg Santa Banta jokes!)

5) While doing something, receiving a call from someone who said that there is no way in hell you’ll be able to do it…..makes you feel out of this world! (Includes…driving along the roads of Amsterdam….being employed….selling Golgappas & winning a contest!)


4) When an Indian girl wants to let her hair down, swirl her sweater around & get on the disco platform & dance…….she does. (And there is no way you can stop her!)

3) Sometimes summarizing the movie is the best way to end it! (More so…if you do it the fb way!)

2) If a person you considered your world/cared about, hurts you and leaves…..In the second half of your movie (later part of your life) he won’t even be worth missing a Rock show for! (Time to re-think your choices, eh?)

1) Rejection is not the end of the world. If something gives you pain, go find happiness somewhere else! (It’s not tough….just a road-less-travelled!)

Okay … so, everybody went gaga over this movie….1 hour into the movie & I couldn’t figure out why. But as they say, it’s how the movie makes you feel in the end!! And I felt… amaaaaazing!!! Free! When Kangana runs in her pink dress along the streets of Amsterdam, I felt like I’m running with her! With wind in my hair…. Running away from pain, rejection & people who are not worth the effort!


She has absolutely nailed this movie. Just the drunken-sad-happy scene with VijayaLaxmi is enough for me to hand her the Filmfare on a silver platter! Rest of the movie, comes as bonus.

Even though it was her movie through and through…the other characters…the friends she has….makes you wanna have friends like them too! Fun, lovely & selfless.


Queen – When something you love, ends, you can either choose to feel miserable or move on to the next… 😉

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