Why critics don’t matter!

If you are reading this post, then congratulations….’You are pissing some people off!’ If ’First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they oppose you & then you win!’ is true, then you are just too close to winning!! So wohoooo……time to parrtteeaayy….will soon follow! 😉 !!

Okay, let’s get real. It’s great if you’ve finally moved on from ‘just thinking’ or ‘just talking about it’ to finally doing it! Kudos!

If ‘Alchemist’ is how life is, then you would’ve tasted ‘Beginner’s luck!’ already. But soon after, things will start getting tough. (And I am extremely tempted to write….’When going gets tough, the tough gets going’. But… I am not gonna do that!)

And by tough I do NOT mean…. Hard to keep up with your deadlines, lack of sleep, exerting your mind & feeling completely directionless. That’s all manageable. Tough is handling people who make you feel….’Why didn’t I die before reading this comment?! Why! Why God! Why?!’ (Sorry, subtlety is not my forte).

Initially it makes you happy…. ‘Finally…someone is talking about me!’ but sometimes the comments, remarks, dislikes….. make you think….’May be I should quit!’ & that’s where the problem starts. But worry not…your virtual savior is finally here!

So, here are the top 4 reasons why your critics don’t matter:

1) Critics are people who want to show how smart and witty they are. More often than not, they don’t even care about your work! Give them sometime….& they’ll move on to someone else!
2) Sometimes, people don’t know how to put it. Not everybody uses the Sandwich approach or has their way with words. Some of them, even though mean good, don’t express good. (Sorry!)
3) They are not data analysis experts. They are just, ‘My-current-opinion-which-is-susceptible-to-change-any-nanosecond’ experts. So, it’s not the opinion of majority of folks out there.(Most of them don’t even care…yet!) It’s just you know…one person..or two….chalo, tops, three!
4) Your worst critic…will be you. If you are anything like me, then you’ll be impatient, rude, judgemental….about yourself. And 1-to-3 (Get it? :P) applies to you as well. So, take a chill pill. (I know it went out of style in the late 90s, but I’m bringing it back. :P)

So, if you’ve just started off with something new or have made a mistake along the road less traveled….chill….don’t be so hard on yourself. You cannot paint a masterpiece immediately after reading ‘Painting for dummies!’ You’ll take time to get there! And while you are on your way…what you need…are not critics…but friends.

Feedback is what helps us improve. And feedback that matters is of your friends, who will tell you that you sucked…and why! While a critic stops at…’Useless! She should go back to software engineering-ing’, your friend would go ahead and say….’This doesn’t even make sense dude…may be this would work!’ Understand the difference between a friend and a mere critic.

Implement the former & ignore the latter.

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