10 reasons to watch Kick!


After watching the movie, I finally understood why it’s called ‘Kick’! Because throughout the movie I felt like kicking the director & the dialogue writer & the script writer & the other senseless characters….but not Salman Khan…..Because he was the reason I could sail through the movie! Yes! I support my star through his good & his bad movies.

I might’ve gotten a cup of coffee after the first half, I might’ve used ‘WTF’ more than I should’ve….I might’ve had a constipated expression throughout……. but I still wouldn’t have not wanted to watch this movie!

So, with all due respect to my Super Star, here are the top 10 reasons why you should watch Kick!

10) If you miss specific scenes from Dhoom 1, Harry Potter, Mission Impossible 3, Jai Ho & Dhoom 3 & miss Rohit Shetty’s Bang-Bang (Pun intended) …..this is the movie for you!

Salman Khan Kick

9) Remember how we laughed at Abhishek Bachan while Amir was having fun playing around with him in Dhoom 3? None of that happened with Randeep Hooda…. Inspite of losing his job & his girl to Salman, he still held his ground…Infact a lot of girls during the break at the theater were heard saying….’Ooo… Hooda was looking so hot!’

Randeep Hooda

8) Remember that character from ‘All the best!’…. with his famous dialogue……’Dhondu…just chill’?? Yeah, him……that guy, as a cop, gets some pretty good laughs!


7) If you miss the loud Punjabi character from Mohabbatein….That aunty Anupam Kher was busy hitting on…… imagine the same characteristics magnified to the power of ten…that’s Archana Puran Singh, in Kick, for you!

Archana Puran Singh

6) The touch… Emotional wala! It’s only towards the end that a part of irrationality is justified using a dash of emotion!

Kick - Salman Khan

5) Haaagooveeeeeeeeer….teri yaadon ka!! Nothing special about this song…but when Salman Khan himself chose to go……. Haaaaaaaaaang – O – Verrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………… You better do too!


4) No matter whom you hate/dislike/despise … after tolerating the Villian of Kick….you’ll start liking whomsoever you hate….even Shakti Kapoor!


3) Saath Samundar….paar mai tere…pichey pichey agayi! Oh…the sheer pleasure of watching this…can’t be explained. (Come back & thank me later!)

Saaath Samundar Paar

2) Coffee Shop scene – Instead of beating up a couple of eve-teasers in a Coffee Shop himself, Salman rolls up his sleeves, removes his watch & kicks the by-watchers for not helping the damsels in distress! A lesson to be taught, indeed!

Being Human

1) Salman Khan Fan?! – Yes, the mask is too sleazy, the dialogues are pathetic, the animation part doesn’t make sense, Mithun’s character doesn’t make sense, the suicide doesn’t make sense & turning Devi Lal Singh into Devil is soo naïve that it makes G-One & Ra-One’s naming convention appear better!

BUT….. if SRK fans can sit through Jab Tak Hai Jaan…..if non-Vidya Balan fans can sit through ‘The Dirty Picture’ …….then for Salman Khan….you HAVE to make it till the end of this movie!

Salman Khan

The first half of the movie was senseless enough for me to leave the theater….But I just….couldn’t cheat on Salman. Because you trust your star….you know he will not disappoint you…..you know there will be hooting material, shooting dialogues & a shirt designed specifically to be torn apart…But that was just wishful thinking! Sigh!

But turns out…Salman’s stardom can save any film. 50 crores in 2 days speak for itself! (You were saying something Rajeev Kundra? Va-Fa-Napuli!)

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