To everyone barking at ‘My Choice!’

Dear Jackasses,

First of all, congratulations! Since you share the same opinion as KRK about Deepika’s ‘My Choice’ & have commented beneath his review as, ‘Wow, you make so much sense!’, you are now qualified to be among the bird-brains who live their lives feeding out of another animal’s teeth. And since you are oh-so-growing in number, I now no longer believe in a better tomorrow! Infact, if his video would’ve released on 20th Dec 2012, I would’ve used the power of my sub-conscious mind to ensure that the Mayan’s were right about the end of the world the next day.

So, let’s get to the point. If a woman chooses to have sex with more than one guy, she is called a slut or a whore. I am disappointed that I cannot use a similar word for a guy. Infact, the max I could come up with, is a womanizer, which is a tag most men flaunt with pride. Let’s say we now have a new word for them. Flutter-shit. I know a lot of Flutter-shits in my part of the world. They are lurking amongst us, occupying important positions and wondering who among the bitches to do next.

Do you know why they started using ‘bitch’ for a woman? Because a bitch has sex with more than one dog at once. And do you know why? So that the newborns are fathered and protected by all the dogs. There you go! NOW would you blame the bitch or the dog?!

So when she says, ‘It’s my choice to have sex outside marriage’, it is infact ‘HER’ choice & you have no right to comment on her character because what you might be seeing is just the tip of an ice-berg. She might be having an unhappy marriage, she might be getting back at her husband for cheating on her or she might just be in love. (All you Yash Chopra fans, yeah, the shit just got real!)

And just like you choose to shut up about the fact that your male boss is hitting on you, that a random guy pinched you in a crowded bus, that a guy has too many ‘female’ friends – just because you think it’s his prerogative, you also need to learn to shut up about a girl having too many ‘male’ friends or about your so-called-best-friend being flirtatious or about a married woman having an affair. Because. IT IS. HER. PREROGATIVE.

What is it, if not hypocrisy, if a man who cheated his wife out of marriage, is STILL considered a catch, but if a woman, if she chooses to do the same, is criticized? (Without knowing why!) There was and there is no question about choosing between right or wrong. It is wrong to cheat on your husband just like it is wrong to cheat on your wife, but just like you advice the wife of a cheating husband to wear lingerie and use ‘Everest Masala’ to win her husband back, start advising the husband to do the same. Teaching him how to put the toilet seat down, can be a start.

If a man is considered to be human enough to be forgiven for giving into a sin, why do you not give a woman the same choice? A benefit of doubt? A second chance? Why don’t you allow her to be human?!!

And my dear freaking feminists, all the Titan Ragas, all the Ariel, all the Airtels & all you bloody marketing jackasses misrepresenting ‘feminism’ just to make a couple of bucks, you have so-so-so humiliated the word that it means nothing more than a hoax anymore. Feminism has never meant male-bashing. Before you twisted and manipulated it for your own vested interests, it meant standing-up as a woman & believing in self as a woman, because only the insecure & incompetent resort to pin-pointing someone else’s flaws and a REAL woman is way above that.

When Deepika acted in a movie about a hero choosing a Seedhi-Saadhi girl for marriage over her, all you bloody freaking feminist went out there and said….’Whaaatt???? NO woman should be judged based upon what she chooses to do and what she doesn’t! Boo-hoo Deepika!’ (See how you side-lined the story-writer & director?? You double standard freaks) & now when she has a video that advocates her choice, you go out and make fun of that too?! How pea-brained are you?!

I do not think feminism is a war between a woman and a man. I’ve had wonderful women as well as men acting as pillars of support in my life. Feminism is the war against assholes like you who at the slightest opportunity, find a way to bash a superior human being (Be it a woman OR a man) because you know no other way to make yourself feel better about your existence.

By making fun of the video without understanding what it intends to achieve and blowing it out of proportion to try and ridicule a hardworking well-established celebrity, I’m sure your balls feel bigger & your insecurities have gone down, but at the end of all of this, she will be what she is. A Super Star. And you will be what you are. An incompetent low-life.

She had the guts to admit that she was in depression & had tears on national television and it only takes someone who is completely secure and confident of who they are to go out and admit their flaws out loud. You bloody can’t even go and admit to the girl or guy next door that you like her/him!

I feel sorry for the one’s who came up with the ‘Govinda version’, ‘Man Version’ & the ‘Dog Version’ of ‘My Choice’. Sorrier for the ones who shared it. But I do not blame you. It must be easy to bark amidst a crowd. But unfortunately for you, Deepika’s roar was & will always remain, louder!

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