About TFB!

Hi, I’m Taskeen. And if we were meeting in person, a ‘Naam toh suna hi hoga!’ would’ve accidently made its way.
Curly hair (By Genetics); Harry Potter fanatic (Teenage obsession); Nocturnal (Side-effects of a lousy school syllabus); Virtually omnipresent (Professional obligation);
Neither driven by good luck nor talent. Powered by frustration & fear of failure. Like every software engineer the first thing I ask myself every morning I get up is, ‘What am I doing with my life?’
And while I’m struggling with the answers….through this blog, I wish to erase the fine line between misery and amusement, so that 20 years down the lane I read my rants and exclaim…’Lol…What a loser!’
Family & friends complete me because nothing beats the confused look that says, ‘Why do we put up with her?’ :P
So, give the blog a chance. It can easily be your favorite timepass and I can be your favorite person. – TFB